Have you ever thought about all the different words we can use to describe a voice?

Let’s play a little game. We’ve collected some of the more unique and interesting words used to describe voices. Challenge us and let us know what you came up with!

Let’s do this:

Husky voice – most of us have a deep and hoarse voice when we’re sick, but a husky voice is actually considered a sexy voice by many (raise hand).

Silvery voice – yes, silvery! That usually means a clear, light and pleasant voice. Think of a cartoon princess singing in an enchanted forest kind of voice.

Toneless voice – a kind of voice that basically means, trouble is coming. Run!

Modulated voice – the kind of voice that teachers or doctors often use.  It’s pleasant and controlled, without too many emotions.

Honeyed voice – people who speak in a honeyed voice only sound nice. Don’t trust them.

Gravelly voice – a low and rough voice. Some people (hmm) might consider a gravelly voice to be kind of attractive.

Brittle voice – when you are so choked up that you just know that the tears are a few seconds away.

Foghorn voice – Just. Too. Loud.

Disembodied voice – who’s there? Who’s talking?! Does someone have an invisible cloak and didn’t tell us??

Breathy voice – in some scenarios, breathy voice is super awesome. In others, well, not so much…

Ok, your turn! What’s your favorite word that describes a voice?

Let us hear you!

Use your voice.

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