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HearMeOut is the social app where content gets a voice and where people come to listen and be heard. It was created with the aim to bring back the authenticity of voice because it carries the true meaning of our thoughts. We believe that using the human voice is the best and the most real way to communicate.

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music gallery

Chinmayi Sripada is an Indian playback singer, working mainly for the South Indian film industry.

Ban Ke Title” is her super hit original from the Bollywood movie Chennai Express

Zenyth the awesome Singer and Guitarist. 

This is a compilation of just three of Zenyth’s covers. Head to HearMeOut app to follow and listen to amazing songs.

Suleman is a fantastic singer. Checkout his latest cover of super hit song “Tum to Darasal” from Bollywood Movie Raabta.

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Available on Multiple platforms

HearMeOut is the World’s First Audio Social Network application that is also available for In-car Infotainment Systems. We are working with several of the Top 5 automakers in the World to bring Audio and Social Network to you cars. 

Endless Possibilities

Who is using HearMeOut

Short Answer: just anyone with even a speck of creativity or a dash of motivation to share thoughts and voice with the World!

Long Answer: HearMeOut app is being used by people from plethora of social, cultural, geographical, lingual, and professional backgrounds. Our awesome users are as young as 70+ years old and getting younger. To name a few, our users are: Singers, Talent Hunters and Managers, Comedians, News readers, Motivation Speakers, Voice Artists, DJs, Radio Jockeys, Romantics, and some others who just want to listen more. 


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