HearMeOut Voice Filters!

Yes, you heard us right. You can choose between ten voice filters to change your voice with.

These filters are just pure fun. Try them out today

How to apply the filters?

First, record your post as usual; using the voice your mama gave you. Then, before you share it, you can use the filters to spice things up a bit. Now go ahead and post it, and hear what your followers think of your new voice!

Why to apply the filters?

It’s perfect for when, for example, you’re busy getting over that brutal hangover from last night’s party, and your voice is just not having it.

Or maybe, you’re one of those people who doesn’t like hearing their own voice.  Did you know you’re not alone? – it’s actually pretty common!

With the HearMeOut voice filters, you don’t have to worry! (Although, self-love and acceptance is important).)

The voice filters give you the chance to play with your voice like you never could before.

Here’s some of our favorites:

Always wonder how your voice would sound if you could talk super-fast? Use the FAST! filter to see what it would sound like!

Or, listen to this – did you ever wonder how you would sound standing in the middle of the Grand Canyon? Well, now you can. Just use the GRAND CANYON DELAY filter!

Don’t forget to try the 70’S RADIO filter. It is by far what got us most excited because for once in our life we can fulfill our longtime dream of having the voice of a radio host. Goals achieved.

There are so many ways to play around with your voice and your HearMeOut posts now – go right ahead and don’t forget to let us hear your thoughts about it!

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Be sure to try out the cool new voice filters.