Listen and Be Heard

The App that lets you Listen and Be Heard

There’s something about connecting socially with creative people that adds a sense each person is involved in helping one another. Asking questions, hearing progress, and relating feelings personalizes the experience in a valuable way.

Personalize the app through creating your own profile and connecting with a network you put together. Social connection strengthens emotional health and creativity. And because you connect through an app, artists don’t have to dress up or come up with a dance routine, they can just record and share.

Music, in fact, has the power to change your mood, increase productivity, and even improve I.Q depending on the music you listen to and how you interact with it. Singing right along with a professional artist can increase your endorphins to improve your mood quickly. Listening to great music, whether it be jazz, pop, rap, or classical can help your mind think more creatively.

And making recording mobile means you can connect to creative people anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection. Since 2014, HearMeOut has been changing the face of voice recording as it brings people together around the world.