Judging Voices – In Real Life!

As part of the human society, we are constantly being measured, judged and criticized because of the way we look, behave and socialize with other people. Most of us are highly aware of that, and we take the proper actions – dress a certain way, watch our reactions in social encounters and work hard to present ourselves the way we want to.

There is one thing, however, that we rarely think of (and there isn’t much we can do to change it) – our voice.

We are constantly and unconsciously judging other people by their voices, and being judged that way ourselves.

How does it work, and why?

Well, the reason is quite simple, actually. As much as we as human beings are advanced, our brains are still mostly wired to the Stone Age, and our reactions in many situations are very similar to the way our pre historic ancestors reacted.

Using voice as both a method of communication but also as a method of judging danger (or the lack of) is a common thing to most living creatures, and has been forever.

Today, a variety of studies are being held to better understand how our voice either helps or hinders our successes in many areas of our lives.

In the dating world, voice plays a bigger part than most of us are aware of. Women react differently to men’s voices in different phases of their reproductive cycle, and to add to that, women’s voices change as well while ovulating. Yes, this means exactly what you think it means – women and men are more attracted to each other’s voices during a woman’s fertile period.

Our voices also affect our careers. Our voices pitch, timbre, volume, speed, and accents are all a huge influence on how people react to things we say. Studies show that we can actually change people’s minds if we change the way we speak – but not the content of our words. Many politicians have taken good care to study that fact.

So, voice matters a lot, we already know it. Now we also learned how nature plays tricks with our voices, without us really aware of it!

Have you noticed that you judge other people by their voices?

Have you ever felt like you are being judged because of your own voice?

Let us know – Use Your Voice!