Connected & Social when Driving

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The age of smartphones has brought new challenges to automakers – how can we combine using drive-related applications, such as GPS and music apps, while still keeping drivers and passengers safe?  By now, it is well known how even a brief moment of averting our eyes from the road ahead can put us and drivers […]


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Share with World At HearMeOut, we want EVERYONE to be heard. That’s why we’ve enabled the Entire-World-Listening feature, where you don’t need to have HearMeOut in order to listen to the posts! This way, your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, email buddies, Pinterest pinners or just about anybody, can hear you. After you record your post, […]

Listen and Be Heard

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The App that lets you Listen and Be Heard There’s something about connecting socially with creative people that adds a sense each person is involved in helping one another. Asking questions, hearing progress, and relating feelings personalizes the experience in a valuable way. Personalize the app through creating your own profile and connecting with a […]