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Using our voices as a default means of communication used to be obvious, but the wonderful invention of the internet and smartphones that invaded our lives has changed the way we communicate with each other.These days, our default means of communication with our families, friends, colleagues and strangers are through emoticons. Think about it – […]


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Yes, I realize I live among a generation that prefers to text absolutely everything. But deep down inside, there’s still a part of me that prefers voice. I prefer listening to my friends’ stories, hearing my little nephews laugh, and, yes, at the risk of sounding totally cliché, I also enjoy the sound of birds […]

How to Make Sure Your Voice is Heard

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Your voice is unique and one of a kind. Now, we want people to hear you out, right? Ok, this is how to make it happen: 1.Make your description heard: Make sure that the ‘headline’ you give to your new posts gives your listeners’ a good understanding of what you are talking about.For example – ‘My […]

Connected & Social when Driving

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The age of smartphones has brought new challenges to automakers – how can we combine using drive-related applications, such as GPS and music apps, while still keeping drivers and passengers safe?  By now, it is well known how even a brief moment of averting our eyes from the road ahead can put us and drivers […]

Judging Voices – In Real Life!

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As part of the human society, we are constantly being measured, judged and criticized because of the way we look, behave and socialize with other people. Most of us are highly aware of that, and we take the proper actions – dress a certain way, watch our reactions in social encounters and work hard to […]


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“If music be the food of love, play on,Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,The appetite may sicken, and so die.”― William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night We all know that music is fun!! Almost everyone loves music. But, do you know there are several benefits of listening to music? Numerous philosophers, writers, singers, scientists, music lovers, […]

The Voice Cure: Voice Therapy

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At HearMeOut, we love everything about voices. It amazes us how the voice alone can be so unique and different yet so connecting at the same time. Here are some incredible facts about voices: Women are more attracted to men with the same tone of voice as them (and vice versa). People singing can somehow […]